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12pcs Unlocking Lock Pick Set Key Extractor Tool with Blue Practice Padlocks Lock Pick Tools

25.99 USD
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12pcs Unlocking Lock Pick Set Key Extractor Tool with Blue Practice Padlocks Lock Pick Tools

Price: 25.99 USD
1. Firstly , you have to learn about the structure of the padlock , the padlock has 7 pins in the lock cylinder , the theory of unlocking the lock is to make this 7 pins be off the lock cylinder at the same time , then twist the lock cylinder , then the lock is opened.
2. Learn about the 12 piece lock pick set , there are 12 kinds shape of the lock pick set in this set . Usually , different shape is to open different  lock or  at different condition, for the padlock  , the wave shape will be much easier to open them .
3. The left hand take the wrench , the right hand take the lock pick set , pls force the wrench with the left  little finger  when  you stir the lock picks with the right hand . keep your two hands in a right rate , you must be much patient , you need look at the pins of the padlock to stir the lock picks .
4. When the lock pick and the wrench works lick the keys , the padlock will be opened . You can have a try , after you open the padlock by lock pick set , then you lock the lock , the key is still works.
5. Your skill need much practice , you can look at the pins at the first time , but still spend a lot of time to open the lock with lock pick set . them as the time goes , you can open the lock without looking at the padlock , and the time spend will be in 1-2 seconds , if at this time , you can learn about other locks and lock picks
Package includes:
1 x Blue Unlock tool kit
(Includes 12pcs Blue handle lock pick, 5pcs tension wrench, 1pc Blue cutway transparant pratice lock)

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