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5 Patches Mymi Slimming Sticker Waist Belly Weight Loss Burning Patch

8.99 USD
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5 Patches Mymi Slimming Sticker Waist Belly Weight Loss Burning Patch

Price: 8.99 USD
Inhibit the synthesis of fat and promote the fatty acids in the combustion
Humanized design, convenient to use, and easy to carry
Can cover most of the stomach, and the navel is revealed, it will not affect the navel to breathe
Can be posted on your belly when you are sleep or at work
Healthy, safty and not side effects
Especially suitable for those who lack of exercises, weak and obese people

Item Type: Mymi Slimming Sticker
Band: Mymi
Size: 19cm * 23cm
Advantage: No side effect
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Main Components: HCA, coffee
Color: As shown in the pictures
Quantity: 1 Pack
Weight: About 60g

Package Included:
1 x Pack of 5 Patches

1. Clean the skin and keep the skin dry.
2. Open the outer packing, post the sticker on your belly
3. One piece a day or every other day, using time is 8 hours and shall not exceed 10 hours.
4. Combined with a moderate amount of sports and reasonable diet, the slimming effect is much better.

Do not use it on the wounded skin
2 - 4 packs for one period of treatment, generally there will be effected after four weeks
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